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Shenzhen Xiongyihua Plastic Insulation Limited was established in 2006 in Shenzhen is a manufacturer and trader specialized in the research development and production of Engineering Plastic and Insulation Plastic such as phenolic laminated epoxy fiberglass durostone nylon PA6 POM PE PVC PU PTFE and ABS We also have processing equipment like CNC carving machine and laser engraving machine to engraving cutting bending and drilling Our well equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction As a result of our products and outstanding customer service we have gained a global sales network reaching India...

Categories and Products



Black and White Acetal Round Pom Bar Extrude Virgin White and Black Pom Rod Virgin Black Pom Plastic Rod Pom Bar Acetal Polyoxymethylene Plastic Pom Round Bar/Rod Extruded White Pom Rod in Factory Price Engineering Plastic Pom Round Bar Rod Acetal Rod POM Rod 5-300mm Round Virgin Extrude Pom Rod Extruded White Black Acetal Pom Rod Plastic Extrude Black and White Pom Rod Plastic Round Virgin Pom Rod 4-160mm Cast/Extruded POM Acetal Derlin Rod/Round Bar Engneering Plastic derlin acetal pom rod/round bar Copolymer Acetal POM Round Bar Rod POM Copolymer Acetal POM Rod White/Black Extruded/Cast Polyacetal POM Plastic Rod Natural/White/Black Extruded/Cast POM Plastic Rod 100% vigin material White/Black POM acetal pom rod 9mm POM Derlin Acetal Plastic rod White/Black Acetal Derlin Plastic POM Rod 

POM Sheet

Extrude White Color 100% Virgin Pom Sheet ESD Anti-Static Acetal Pom Copolymer Sheet High Quality Acetal Pom Sheet/Panel High Hardness Acetal Plastic Pom Sheet 100% Virgin Antistatic White Pom Plate Plastic White Black Pom Acetal Sheet High Hardness Plastic Black White Pom Panel Natural Material Engineering White Pom Sheet 0.5-150mm Thickness Virgin White and Black Actel Sheet Promotional Plastic White and Black Actel Sheet High Hardness Black POM Plastic Sheet Engineering Plastic POM Acetal Sheet POM Plastic Material White Sheet POM Plastic Acetal Sheet 1mm in good price POM Acetal Engineering Plastic Sheets Acetal Cast Extruded POM Plastic Sheet Engineering Plastc Extruded Acetal POM Sheet Engineering Plastic Copolymer Acetal POM Sheet with ROHS White and Black Polyacetal POM Sheet Natural Cast&Extruded Polyacetal POM Sheet 

Phenolic Laminated Sheet

3021 Phenolic Paper Laminated Sheet

Insulated Plastic 3021 Orange Phenolic Paper Laminated Sheet Electric Black/Orange Phenolic Paper Laminated Sheet Insulating 5mm Phenolic Laminated Paper Sheet Outstanding 0.5 mm Bakelite Thermal Insulation Material Excellent Physical 3021 Thermal Laminated Sheet Best Electrical Thermal Bakelite Sheet Black/Orange Bakelite Phenolic Resin Sheet Good producing 10mm Phenolic Paper Laminated Plate Customized Cellulose 3021 Cotton/Paper Laminated Sheet Cheap Price 3MM/4MM Paper Base Phenolic Laminated Sheet Plastic Brown High-Performance Laminated Phenolic Sheets Phenolic Laminated Sheet Based on Paper Phenolic Laminated Sheets Based on Paper 3MM Phenolic Laminated Board Based on Paper Insulating Components Phenolic Paper Laminated Plate For Electric Motors Paper Phenolic Laminate Insulating Components Paper Phenolic Resin Sheet For Switchgear Paper Phenolic Resin Board Fabric Paper Phenolic Resin Plate 3021 Phenolic Resin Paper Laminates 

3025 Phenolic Cotton Laminated Sheet

3025 Insulating Phenolic Cotton Laminated Sheet Fabric 3025 Phenolic Cotton Laminated Sheet Best Insulating Material 3025 Phenolic Cotton Fabric Electric Application Brown Fabric Phenolic Cotton Sheet High Temperature Resistance Fabric Phenolic Cotton Board Wholesale 3025 Cloth Fabric Cotton Sheet Phenolic Fabric Thin Brown Cotton Laminated Plate 3025 Insulating Coffe Brown Fabric Phenolic Cotton Plate Insulating Hot Sell Thick Cotton Cloth Laminated Board Insulation 3025 Cotton Laminated Sheet Insulation Material 3025A 3025AB Phenolic Cotton Sheet Brown Fabric Phenolic Cotton Cloth Sheets Phenolic Laminated Sheet Based on Cotton Cloth Phenolic Laminated Sheets Based on Cotton Cloth 3MM Phenolic Laminated Board Based on Cotton Cloth Insulating Components Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Plate For Electric Motors Cotton Cloth Phenolic Laminate Insulating Components Phenolic Resin Cotton Cloth Sheet For Switchgear Cotton Cloth Phenolic Resin Board Fabric Cotton Cloth Phenolic Resin Plate 

3025 Phenolic Cotton Laminated Rod

Fabric Products 3025 Phenolic Laminated Cotton Rod 5-60mm Brown Phenolic Cotton Laminated Rod Coffee 3025 Fabric Cloth Cotton Rod 3025 Phenolic Cotton Laminated Insulation Material Rod Brown Phenolic Resin Cotton Laminated Rod Diameter 12mm 1000mm 3025 Paper Laminated Rod Competitive Brown Phenolic Cloth Cotton Laminated Rod 3025 Insulation Material Coffee Fabric Phenolic Cotton Cloth Rod Dark Brown and Quality Cotton Cloth Rod 3025 Insulating 3025 Phenolic Laminated Cotton Bar Brown 5mm Phenolic Cotton Cloth Fabric Swatch Phenolic Laminated Rod Based on Cloth Cotton Phenolic Laminated Rod Based on Cotton Cloth Phenol Laminated Rod Based on Cotton Cloth Insulating Components Phenolic Cotton Laminated Rod Electric Motors Cotton Cloth Phenolic Laminate Fabric Cotton Cloth Phenolic Resin Rod Nema Cotton Cloth-Base Phenolic Laminate Rod NEMA Cotton Cloth Phenolic Laminate Rod Brown Phenolic Cotton Cloth Pertinax Rod 

Bakelite Sheet

Orange Insulating Paper Laminated Phenolic Plate Mechanical 30mm Black Insulation Bakelite Sheet Best Electrical Temperature-Resistant Bakelite Sheet Thickness 20mm Single Side Dull Polish Bakelite Sheet Optimal Insulating Material Orange 40mm Bakelite Plate 30mm Double Side Dull Polish Bakelite Board Insulation Orange Double Side Frosted Bakelite Sheet Dielectric 40mm Insulation Phenolic Laminate Bakelite Board Insulating Orange and Black Phenolic Resin Plate Thermal Phenolic Laminated Insulated Plate 3021 Orange Insulating Bakelite Hylam Sheet Process bakelite phenolic paper insulation laminate sheet CNC Processing Bakelite Phenolic Paper Resin Plates Heat Resistant insulation processing bakelite sheet Orange pertinax sheets bakelite products processing Orange black bakelite sheet for CNC CUTTING Edges cutting tidiness Bakelite sheets Engineering laminated bakelite sheet Edges cutting tidiness Process laminated resin bakelite sheet orange Customized bakelite CNC Procession part 

Epoxy Fiberglass Sheet

3240 Epoxy Glass Sheet

Yellow Insulation Laminate 3240 Panel Yellow Fiberglass Epoxy Cloth Laminated 3240 Plate Yellow Color Insulating Laminated 3240 sheet Green Insulation Fiberglass 3240 Plate Black Resin Epoxy 3240 sheet Insulation Laminate Fiberglass Cloth 3240 Sheet Yellow Insulation Glass Epoxy 3240 sheet Green Electrical Insulation Epoxy Plastic 3240 Sheet Black Insulation Fiberglass 3240 Sheet Yellow Fiberglass Epoxy 3240 Tube/Sheet Yellow Epoxy Fiberglass Sheet Processing Small Piece 3240 Epoxy Insulating Sheet High Temperature Machining Epoxy Glass Sheet Processing Insulation 3240 Epoxy Fiberglass sheet Black Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate Plate (3240) Black 3240 Epoxy Fiber Glass Board Customized 3240 Epoxy Glassfiber Resin Sheet Good Quality Processing Epoxy 3240 Sheet CNC Cutting Epoxy Glass Sheet CNC Cutting Machining Glass Epoxy Laminate Sheet 

FR4 Sheet

Insulation Epoxy Glass FR4 Sheet Black Epoxy Glass Laminate Cloth FR4 Sheet Yellow Epoxy Glass Fiber Laminate FR4 Sheet Phenolic Glass Epoxy Resin Copper Clad FR4 Sheet Yellow Phenolic Epoxy Resin Sheet Fr4 Black Fr4 G10 Epoxy Fiberglass Resin Sheet Light Green Epoxy Glass Cloth G10 FR4 sheet Laminated Green Glass Fiber FR4 Epoxy Panel Epoxy Glass Fiber Laminated Cloth Phenolic Fr4 Sheet Light Green and Yellow Insulation Epoxy FR4 sheet FR4 Epoxy Resin Sheet For CNC Processing FR-4 ROHS Customized epoxy resin sheet FR-4 Laminated Sheet for CNC precision machining CNC Cutting Insulation Shim Fr-4 Epoxy Resin Board FR4 electrical material fiberglass cnc processing parts FR-4 milling insulation material parts High technique processing FR-4 pertinax fiberglass sheet Fire-resistant FR-4 processing insulation resin sheet CNC cutting Epoxy resin fiberglass sheet fr-4 Machining fr-4 insulation sheet CNC Process 


PA6 Sheet

High Mechanical Strength 40mm Bule PA6 Sheet Excellent Wear Resistance Natural Pure Virgin Pa6 Sheet Customized Plastics White Nylon 6 Customize Color Black/White/Green Polyamides 6 Material Excellent Engineered Plastic Wear Resistant Colored Nylon Engineered Plastic 50mm Beige Extruded Nylon Pa6 Plate High Grade Thin Colorful 1cm Nylon6 Board Board/Rod 100% Beige Virgin Nylon6 Material Engineering Plastic Extruded Polyamides Pure Nylon6 Material Engineering Plastics Virgin Nylon Polyamides Sheet Black Quality Nylon Polymer Sheet for Lubrication Customized Made Blue/White Clear Polyamide Plate Mechaning Polyamid 6 Plastic Nylon Sheet Engineering Plastics 100% Nylon Sheet Processing MC Cast Nylon Rod Sheet Machined Plastic Parts Blue 10mm Nylon PA6 Extruded Sheet 10mm Extrued Black Nylon PA6 Sheets Natural Color PA6 Board Beige Wearable Pa6 Board 10MM Beige Color PA6 Sheet 


Φ15-250 Blue/Green Polyamide PA6 Rod High Impact Blue/White/Black Nylon6 Rod Nylon Black/White Diameter 20 PA6 Rod Diameter 15-200 Blue Nylon Polyamide Rod Quality Virgin Pure Extruded Pa6 Rod Wear Resistant Plastics Extruded Nylon 6 Rod Engineering Plastics 100% Plastics Black/White Nylon Rod Excellent Grade A Polyamide Extruded Nylon Rod Engineering Plastic Polyamides Nylon PA6 Rod Virgin Material Plastic Nylon PA6 Bar Nylon Rod 50mm White Blue PA66 Bar Natural Color PA6 Rod Beige Wearable Pa6 Round Bar Grade A Blue Pa6 Round Rod Plastic Sheet for PA6 PA66 Rod Engineering Plastic Natural Color Pa6 Pa66 Sheets Very Wearable PA6 PA66 Rod 1000X20MM Blue Pa6 Pa66 Rod Natural Color PA66 Rod Beige Wearable Pa66 Rod 

MC Nylon Sheet

Engineering Plastics Bule/White Grade A MC Nylon Plate Quality Plastic Polyamides Durable MC Cast Nylon Sheet Free Sample Natural Color/White MC Polyamides Plate Different Color Blue/White/Black MC Nylon Sheet Quality Engineering Plastics Cast MC Nylon Board Engineering Plastics 50mm Blue/Beige Cast Nylon Sheet High Grade MC Cast 1mm Nylon Sheet Customize Color Blue/White/Green MC 901 Sheet 2016 High Wear-Resistant Casting Natural Nylon Sheet Excellent PA MC Black Casting Nylon Sheet Black/Blue /White Plastic Sheet Plastic Cast Mc Nylon Wear-resisting 70MM Black Nylon Sheet Thin Cast 3mm Nylon Sheet 1MX2M Best Price Cast Nylon Board Green MC Nylon Sheet 6mm Blue Color Cast Nylon PA6 Sheet Extrued MC Nylon Sheet 6mm Thin 3mm Nylon Board Engineering Plastic Sheet MC Cast Engineering Plastics Mc Nylon 

MC Nylon ROD

Engineering Plastic Virgin Material Black MC Nylon Rod Best Quality Wearable Blue 10mm MC Nylon Rod Customized 1-250mm Black/White MC Nylon Bar High Quality Casting Monomer Blue Nylon MC Rod Engineering Plastics Wearabl Polyamides Casting Nylon Rod 250mm Diameter Black MC Casting Nylon Rod Different Color Natural/Beige/Blue Nylon MC Bar Hote Sale Durable Blue 901 MC Nylon Rod Free Sample Plastic Black/White Cast Nylon Bar Engineered Plastic 100% Virgin Monomer Cast Nylon Rod 200mm/500mm/1000mm Blue White 100mm PA6G Rod Diameter 100mm Blue/White PA6G Bar Yellow/Natural Excellent Quality Hard Wearing MC Nylon Tube Process Part Hard Wearing Cast MC Nylon Tube Lubricant Natural/Yellow Excellent Quality Cast Nylon Tube Plastic Nylon Round Bar Stock Different Diameter Nylon Bar Stock Sizes In Stock Nylon Rod Cost Professional Nylon Rod Manufacturers White Black Blue Nylon Rod Standard Sizes 


PVC Sheet

Plastic Rigid PVC Sheet for Printing in Shenzhen Pliable 2mm Thickness PVC sheet for thermoforming 1mm Thickness Flexible PVC Sheet for ID Card Grey Engineering Plastic PVC Sheet for Furniture Flexible PVC Material PVC Sheet for Bathroom Door Gray 10mm Thickness PVC Sheet for Fish Tank Double Protective Film Hard PVC Sheet for Billboard Quality 0.5mm Thickness PVC Sheet for Photo album Flexible Color PVC Sheet for Playing Card Flexible PVC Raw Material PVC Sheet for Poker 20mm Thickness Plastic PVC Sheet for Lorry White 2mm Thickness Plastic PVC Sheet Plastic Raw Material Stiff PVC Sheet for Advertisement Extruded Ivory Building Material PVC Sheet Quality Flexible PVC for Bathroom Door Customized Size Embossed PVC Sheet for Thermoform 4.5mm Thickness PVC Transparent sheet for Advertisement Corrugated PVC Material PVC Roof Sheet Customized PVC Flexible Plastic Sheet for Photo Album Architecture Processing PVC Sheet for Kitchen Cabinet 


Grey Engineering Plastic Quality PVC Rod Flexible Rigid Plastic PVC Rod 1mm Thickness Plastic Engineering PVC Rod Customized Size Rigid PVC Round Bar for Welding Gray Welding Rigid PVC Plastic Rod Max Diameter 310mm Plastic PVC Round Rod Customized Diameter Plastic Round Solid PVC Rod Quality Grey PVC Rod for Engineering Plastic Machined Customized Size Rigid PVC Bar High Quality Extruded PVC Welding Rod Chemical Resistant Strong 20mm PVC Plastic Rod Recycle Material Welding PVC Plastic Rod Electric Welding Plastic PVC Round Bar Tough Hard Engineer Plastic PVC Round Bar Plastic Solid PVC Round Rod High Quality PVC Gray Rod Customized Size PVC Rod High Hardness Round Bar Grey PVC Rod Gray Hard PVC Rod Dark Gray PVC Bar 

PVC Film

Super Clear Strip Curtain Plastic PVC Film Roll Transparent Door Curtains Decorate PVC Film Roll Clear Plastic 0.3mm PVC Roll Film Transparent Colored Soft 0.35mm PVC Film Roll Colored Bag Material Super Transparent PVC Roll Film High Rigid Anti-scratch Soft Frosted PVC Roll Film 4mm Clear PVC Curtain Sheet Plastic Rigid Soft PVC Curtain Roll for Kitchen Super Transparent 0.48mm PVC Film Cutomized Type PVC Curtain Film Clear PVC Curtain Film Soft Clear PVC Film For Curtain Translucent PVC Soft Film For Door Colorful PVC Film For Packaging 


PU Sheet

Transparent Yellow Thickness 1-120mm PU Sheet for Packing High Impact Transparent PU Sheet for Shoes Hot Sale Yellow PU Plastic Board 1 mm Thickness Texture Printed Pu Sheet Molding Construction Material Polyurethane Roofing Sheet High Performance Cast Mold PU Rubber Sheet Customized Hardness Rubber NBR PU Plastic Sheet Extruded Thermoplastic Square PU Sheet Good Quality Clear PU rubber Plastic sheet Flexible Customized Anti Static PU Sheet High Quality 5mm Thickness Shore 85A Polyurethane Sheet Red 1mm Thickness PU Sheet for Fender 10 12 Inch Heat Transfer Flexible PU Sheets 80 A Shore Elastomer Casting PU sheet Working Temperature 1mm Rubber PU Rolls Sheet Nature Color 1mm Thickness PU Roll for Slipper Original Rigid 3 mm Thickness PU Sheet 40mm Thickness Abrasive Transparent Clear PU Plates Waterproof 85 Shore Hardness PU Plates Engineering Fireproof 120mm Thickness PU Plates 


Shore Hardness 65A - 95A PU rod Hardness Yellow Stock Polyurethane Rod Plastic Products Rubber PU Rod For Machining Seal High Impact Wear Resistant PU Bar for Sleeves Colored Plastic PU Round Bar for Bush Solid 10mm Diameter Hard Rubber PU Rod Good Abrasion High Hardness Light Yellow PU Rod 90A 95A 300mm 500mm Elastomer PU Rod High Elasticity PU Rod for Connecting Leadwin Diameter 10 - 350mm Extruded PU Rod Red Polyurethane PU Round Bar for Sleeves Plastic products Custom Materials PU Square Bar Cast PU Round Bar For Machining Seal 90A Shore Custom Hard PU Round Bar 95A Shore Excellent Elastomer PU Round Bar High Impact Wear Resistant Solid PU Round Bar Colored Plastic PU Hollow Rod TPUCO Engineering Thin PU Round Bar Smooth Surface Elastomer 500mm Dia PU Round Bar Dia 300mm Connecting Tea PU Rod 


PTFE Sheet

High Temperature Virgin PTFE Sheet for Printing High Temperature Resistant Ptfe Skived Plates Ptfe Sheet White Virgin Heat Resistant PTFE Moulded Sheet White 10 mm Plastic PtfePlate Lightweight Cutting Processing PTFE Sheet Skived Molded PTFE Gasket Sheet High Quality Competitive Price PTFE Laminated Sheet Heat Resistance Smooth Surface PTFE Rubber Sheet Transparent 100% Virgin Material Plastic PTFE Sheet Engineering Plastic SGS Certificated Ptfe Sheet 4 Foot Natural Virgin PTFE sheets Heat High Temperature Glass PTFE Sheet Food Grade Fiberglass Insulation PTFE sheet Qualitied Thermal Heat PTFE sheet Coated Transfer Heat Resistant PTFE Sheet Adhesive Competitive Price Molded PTFE Sheet Non-Stick Low Temperature Heat Pressing PTFE Sheet Hot Sale Transfer Heat PTFE Sheet Expanded Soft Natural Color PTFE Sheet Natural 100% Raw Material PTFE Film for Packing 


10mm Diameter Pure Plastic PTFE Rod 150 mm Diameter Engineering Plastic PTFE Round Bar Customized Size Extruded Molded PTFE Rod Quality Virgin 5 mm Diameter PTFE Rod Solid Customized Diameter Flexible PTFE Rod High Temperature Grade Resistance PTFE Rod Heat Resistant High Density Durable PTFE Bar 3D Printer 1mm Diameter Recycled Plastic PTFE Rod Adhesive Plaster 3/4 Inch Virgin PTFE Rod Thermal Insulation Carbon Glass PTFE Rod Customized Low Flammability 5-300mm Dia PTFE Rod Bar Mechanical Sealing White Ptfe Extruded Round Bar Extruded Engineering Solid PTFE Bar Custom Made Black Expanded Molded PTFE Rod Bar Lower Coefficient 3D Printer 4mm Diameter PTFE Bar 120mm Diameter Extruded Hard PTFE Hollow Bar High Temperature Resistance Carbon Filled PTFE Bar Graphite Filled Natural Color Molding type PTFE Bar Reasonable Price Smooth PTFE Bar for Machining PFA Shaped PTFE Square Rod for Aeroplane 

Processing Product

Processing fr4 epoxy glass sheet Processing Pertinax Phenolic Paper Resin Bakelite Laminated Processing Orange Phenolic Laminate Bakelite Board Bakelite Plate for Electronic Products Processing Bakelite Electric Insulators PCB Sheets FR4 Material Fiberglass Epoxy Sheet Good Wear Resistance Plastic Nylon Processing Parts Blue Plastic Nylon Plate CNC Nylon PA6 Part CNC Precision Machining Electronic FR4 Part Customized FR-4 Finish machining part Epoxy precision G10 cnc machined part high tempreture resistance CNC machine fiberglass fr4 part Customized FR4 insulation spacer CNC machining part CNC machining cutting and drilling FR4 fiberglass panels Precision CNC machining FR4 fabrication part for stator Precision Process FR4 Glassfiber Materials Epoxy CNC Part Precision Machining Electronic Part G10 CNC processing parts OEM machining FR4 fiberglass part OEM CNC Precision Machining G10 Electronic Part Custom Made Precision G10 CNC machining part 


Plastic Polyetheretherketone PEEK Tube/Sheet/rod Engineering Plastic High Quality Virgin PEEK Rod Natural Plastic Material Peek Rod PEEK Bar PEEK Rod Bar Tube Sheet Polyetheretherketone Victrex PEEK Rod Custom Made Plastic Peek Rod Virgin Products PEEK Parts Abrasion Resistant 100% Virgin Plastic PEEK Sheet Solid Peek Rod in Natural for Engneering Plastic Machined Solid Customized Size Round Bar Peek Stick Engineering Plastic Rods Medical Peek Rods Heat-resistance virgin extruded plastic PEEK rod bar High Temperature Resistance PEEK Medical Grade Virgin Rods High quality 100% virgin peek round rod Natrual color PEEK medical grade virgin rods Pure Material Natural Color Poly ether Ketone PEEK rod PEEK rod in natural for engneering plastic Excellent Thermal Stability PEEK Rods Solid PEEK Sheet Natural for engneering plastic Factory supplying Customized Vitex PEEK Sheet and Rod High Temperature Engineering Plastic Solid PEEK rod 


ABS Sheet

4x8 Foot Plastic Material Beige ABS Sheets Thick Plastic ABS Sheet for clamshell Raw Material Double Color ABS Sheet Price Excellent Adhesive 100% Virgin ABS Sheet High Melting Temperature 2ft X 4ft ABS Sheet Double Color ABS and PC Composite Plate ABS and PVC Composite Sheet Solid Plastic ABS Blocks for Vacuum Forming Processing 5mm Thick ABS Sheet Price UV Reflective ABS Film for Blister Forming Hard Close Tolerance Easily Processing ABS Sheet White Selling 1mm ABS Plastic Sheet Welded Engraving Thermo ABS Plastic Sheet Different Color Natural Virgin ABS Materials Sheet Custom Made ABS Sheet Extrusion Line Factory Price Extruded ABS Panel for Laser Engraving PVC ABS Component Sheet Size CNC Engraving Customized Processing CNC Routed ABS Plastic Plates Colored Housing Material ABS Sheet Production Line Highly Rigidity ABS Plastic Plates Board 


9mm Beige Plastic ABS Rod 10mm Natural ABS Material Rod Quality Rigid Engineer Plastic ABS Round Bar Rod Thermoformed 2 - 200mm Diameter Natural ABS Rod Flexible Plastic Raw Material Welding ABS Rod Square Bar ABS Plastic Rod for Architectural Material Colorful 4mm Engineering Plastic ABS Rod 5mm Extruded Thermoformed ABS plastic rod Natural 4mm Diameter ABS Welding Rod 6mm Model Building ABS Round Rod Beige Color Slim ABS Bar Plastic ABS Rod Grain ABS Sheet material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ABS Rod Colorful ABS Plastic Bars 

PVC Foam Sheet

Flexible PVC Foam Sheet for Kitchen Cabinets 18mm Extruder Line Celuka PVC Foam Sheet Rigid 5mm PVC Foam Sheet in Malaysia 1-30mm High Density Waterproof PVC Foam Sheet 2mm Plastic PVC Foam Sheet for Advertising Use White Light PVC Foam Sheet For Exhibition Board 25mm CO-Extruded Black PVC Foam Sheet Trade Assurance 10mm PVC Foam Sheet in Malaysia Self Adhesive 1.5mm Customized PVC Foam Sheet 

Acrylic Sheet & Rod

Transparent cast clear acrylic sheet clear cast acrylic sheets excellent board Clear extruded acrylic sheet price Custom plastic acrylic sheet for sale acrylic sheet cutting services Clear Cast Acrylic Perspex Sheet Cut Size cast clear acrylic sheet with polished edge Black Cast PMMA Acrylic Sheet High glossy clear cast perspex acrylic sheet Transparent Perspex Cast Plastic Acrylic Sheet Cast Acrylic rod crystal color clear PMMA bar Customized Colorful Acrylic Cast Plastic Rod Transparent Pure PMMA acrylic plastic rod High clear customize round acrylic rods clear transparent color Cast Acrylic Sheet and rod Extrusion clear acrylic rod tube/ rod High quality transparent cast acrylic sheet Customized size cutting acrylic pmma perspex sheet colorful extruded clear acrylic perspex sheet PMMA cast acrylic plastic 10mm acrylic sheet 


PE Sheet

Polyethylene Hdpe Plastic Sheet Food Grade Polyethylene Plastic Sheet White Red PE Polyethylene Sheet High Density HDPE Polyethylene Sheet HDPE Polyethylene Plastic Plate High Density Polyethylene Plastic Sheets White Polyethylene Hdpe Sheet Board White Polyethylene Hdpe Plastic Plate Sheet Yellow Polyethylene Hdpe Plastic Plate Sheet Machining Polyethtlene Hdpe Sheet Board Machining Hdpe Polyethylene Drilling Holes Service CNC uhmw PE mechanical skid plateform plastic parts White Pe Polythylene Plastic Sheet Food Grade Pe Polyethylene Material Sheet High Density Polyethylene Plastic Sheet Board Red Color Pe Polyethylene Plastic Sheet Polyethylene Plastic Cutting Boards Pe Polyethylene Plastic Sheet 2mm 

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